RAIKOU dog bed with removable pillow. padded washable pet bed sleeping place dog pillow dog sofa dog mats tierbedarf (gray. 100 * 80 * 9cm)

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Product number: Z218T02

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Soft anti-allergic cover with a warm and breathable pattern

The RAIKOU dog bed offers your pet a pure feel-good experience

Comfortable pillows: a small bone-shaped pillow and a large floor pillow , offer a good sleeping place with a lot of flexibility for your pet.

Dimensionally stable due to reinforced edge, underside with non-slip plastic, which has a dirt-repellent and insulating effect

Removable cover with sewn-in zip, machine washable

The RAIKOU dog bed with the soft, anti-allergic cover is the ideal place to sleep and rest for your pet. Your animal will be enjoyed. Due to the gray color, animal hair is less noticeable and the pet bed fits almost every interior style. The light padding also supports the animal's body from below, which can be a relief, especially with stiff joints. In addition, the comfortable outer edge of the pet bed is ideal for animals who like to rest their head on an armrest or pillow while sleeping. Foldable and portable, thanks to its lightweight, portable design, the pet bed can be taken anywhere, your pet accompanies you on trips and vacations, whether at home, in the car or outdoors, your pet is with you by your side. After all, your pet deserves only the best.

L.B.H: 80x60x7cm, 100x80x9cm, 120x90x10cm Different sizes to choose from, suitable for dogs of all sizes