Maity fully automatic pop-up tent | quick opening changing tent | Outdoor shower | Shower tent | Fishing toilet tent (oil green)

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The tent has the latest generation of spring hydraulic supports, which can be erected in 3 seconds without manual erection. The hydraulic spring support is lighter than the pull rope and stronger than the hydraulic pressure. No matter whether you are in the park, on the beach, having a barbecue or picnic, with this tent you are always mobile and always well equipped. Ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, traveling, on the beach, in the garden or as a festival tent.

Multi-layer protection: The vinyl coating effectively prevents ultraviolet rays, sun protection, heat insulation. Storage bag: Books, toys, dolls and other small items can also be transported in the storage bag. Accessories: 8 nails, 4 ropes, 1 storage bag.

Product number: M212B03
Functionality: The tent is an ideal solution for temporary privacy indoors and outdoors. It can easily be used as a changing tent, shower tent and toilet tent, and is ideal for camping, fishing or hiking. All you have to do is throw the tent somewhere free.

It is easy to stow away, takes up little space and is easy to carry in the included storage bag. The supplied storage bag can be carried comfortably, is wear-resistant, dirt-repellent and easy to care for. Other small items can also be conveniently stowed in this storage bag.

The product uses 190T waterproof fabric to effectively repel and prevent water droplets from entering, and provides protection from the sun. It has good heat retention and can be used for long showers.

The tent has a zipper at the top and can be used for open showers. In the summer, hang a solar shower bag over the tent for a cool outdoor shower.
Open floor design: The open floor design helps keep the tent clean. With four poles for stability in even windy conditions and a large zippered door for easy access

Dimensions: W x D x H: 190 x 120x 120cm;
Inner dimensions: 210 x 180 x 130 cm; Pack size (58cm); weight (1.95 kg)
Accessories: 1 storage bag, 4 nails, 4 ropes.
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