DeSen Deluxe felt bag | High quality shopping bag | Chic beach bag | Top handle bag | Newspaper basket | Felt basket | Shopping basket (50 * 25 * 25cm anthracite / blue II)

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Spacious and very practical, universally usable desen bag made of robust 5 mm thick felt with sturdy leather handles.

Size:, 50 * 25 * 25cm; 50 * 34 * 27cm (L x W x H), rectangular design.

Thanks to the felt double wall, the bag is stable and even stands empty like a basket. Loading and unloading becomes child's play.

The modern, two-tone design and the high-quality felt make the bag a chic shopping companion.

Stable, durable.

Universally applicable for: groceries, swimming gear, newspapers, bottles, firewood.

Particularly suitable as a colorful shopping bag in these difficult times. No need to use a supermarket cart to reduce touch pollution

Product number: D188K08

Universally applicable as a chic bag for lots of heavy purchases, empty and full bottles, for fetching logs or storing firewood, storing magazines and newspapers, for tidying up and picking up toys, as a laundry basket, for gardening, for tidiness in the basement, to bring parcels to the post office and to transport them to the tool.
• For the fireplace, car, shopping center, winter garden, children's room, garden, basement, office, meadow and beach.
Elegant, practical felt bag that you can take with you Storage and transport of a wide variety of utensils, such as firewood, newspapers, handicraft utensils or similar items. Also a real eye-catcher as a shopping bag.
• Material: robust felt made of 100% polyester
• Size: 50 * 25 * 25cm; 50 * 34 * 27cm, rectangular design
• Thickness: 5MM
• The soft felt cannot leave any scratches or marks.
• The carrier bag is equipped with two sturdy leather handles.
• Numerous possible uses: Handicraft basket, newspaper basket, shopping basket, firewood basket, toy box.
The bag is spacious, durable and, thanks to the double felt wall, does not collapse like other bags, but is stable like a basket, even when it is empty. At the same time, it is foldable and can be easily stowed away when not in use. The chic, two-tone design makes the felt bag a real eye-catcher. Whether parking lot or living room: your friends will envy you. The perfect helper for your household. Bathing suits, towels, armbands and sand toys can be conveniently stowed away. Compared to plastic bags, the felt absorbs residual moisture and is quick-drying. Sand and grass residues can easily be knocked out. Firewood, firewood, sawdust and bark are caught and do not trickle onto the living room floor. The felt is heat-resistant, difficult to ignite.