DeSen women's deluxe pajamas made of 100% cotton | V-neck pajama top | pajamas

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Contents: 2 parts: 1x long-sleeved top, 1x trousers.

Special features: comfortable, wide and fashionable.

Collar: V-neck.

Pleated hem at V-neck, cuffs and pant leg.

Occasions: Perfect for pajamas or loungewear.

Women's pajama top with V-neck pyjamas/ loungewear/ pajama set.

Plain long-sleeved V-neck top paired with long pajama bottoms. Very comfortable and suitable for all four seasons. The pajamas' soft material nestles gently against the skin and rounds off the design perfectly. Ideal choice for women who value comfort and elegance.

Product number: D188E03

• The plain-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a pleated hem has a wide cut and has an attractive look with the pretty V-neckline.

• These pajamas are perfect as pajamas or leisurewear. The fit with classic details scores with a comfortable elastic waistband and casual cut.

• The super-soft, softly flowing fabric quality feels particularly comfortable on the skin.

• Thanks to the soft material, the long pajamas are very comfortable to wear, so nothing stands in the way of a good night's sleep! In the pajamas you can not only sleep well, but also relax wonderfully. The fashionable mottled look gives the pajama top a fresh look, which can really shine through the plain colors. Pleated V-neckline and long sleeves make the t-shirt incredibly comfortable. The elastic waistband of the trousers ensures a high level of comfort.

• The elegant pajamas by RAIKOU offer the best wearing comfort for a good night's sleep!